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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

It turns out that the expressed rationale for the invasion of Iraq was a lie. Sadam Hussein did not have WMD, and our leaders pretty much knew it. They whole world was listening to Hans Blix, and he pretty clearly said what the Iraqis had, and that he was sure. And he was right. Our leaders knew what Sadam Hussein had because they had sold it to him. The West was the source of the weapons which Hussein used -- virtually all of them. (The major exception being the WWII anti-aircraft equipment sold to Sadam by USSR.)

And A.Q. Khan showed that the spread of atomic weapons cannot be stopped. In case anyone is a little slow to learn, then we had it "s p e l l e d o u t" for us all by a North Korean gangster.

Now I wonder that this rationale was even used. And that it worked. We are a lot farther "gone" down the road of gullibility and wild groundless hope than we will ever admit.