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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Protein Transmission

Biologists are performing significant studies on "life" forms. As we get more involved in the details -- the cells, the smaller and constituent parts of the cellular entities, the chemistry of life -- we come closer to "non-life" forms. And we get right next to that miracle distinction between the crystal and the colloid, the unliving and the living. And right there, we find VIRUSES. They are basically protein shells, and most biologists do not regard them as "living". In fact they need cells of the living in order to reproduce.

But...what were viruses doing before there were cells? And what are they really doing now?

It will become increasingly apparent that the "protein" chemistry of viruses and cells is interactive and even interchangeable. Viruses are go from cell to cell injecting protein which the cell actually incorporates, and in so doing, makes its own responsive changes. Different proteins make different reactions. The relations between cells and viruses are an engine of change.

We would not be here without viruses.