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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Homeland Security

I do not have a homeland, and I am at home almost everywhere. As for "Homeland Security", Americans have a lot less now than when I was young and traveling around the world, and I saw for myself that almost everyone loved America.

What about Bin Laden, you say? He clearly hates, and while his hatred apparently wanders, it is clear that he hates America. Let's look at him: He is a billionaire. How? Because oil was discovered in Arabia, it is pumped out of that land by oil companies who give money personally to the ruler of that land, and that ruler has given some of the money to the father of Osama. The Bin Ladens now enjoy billion-dollar largess. Early in his life, a teacher of young boys fell in love with Osama, and in bonding with Osama, taught him a path of hatred. The Bin Laden family, and their Saudi benefactors, have long known that Osama had extreme religious views, and they have subsidized his activities with this knowledge.

The House of Saud rules "Saudi Arabia" -- the descendants of the great Ibn Saud who was the only Arab in the Riyadh area of the peninsula who chose to fight with the British against the Turks. And the British, unlike the Turks, generally indulged in Trade, rather than Theft, in their relations with Arabia. Only natural to reward King Saud for his very able help in freeing the world from the oppression of the Ottoman Empire. Of course, King Saud is now long dead...and why are his descendants the richest people on the planet? What have they achieved with their great wealth? And why do they subsidize the Bin Ladens?

Rich people are never satisfied. The Saudis are a wonderful example. Now that their honorable and brave ancestors are DEAD, the present rulers have "inherited" the riches accruing from the purchase of oil by people who continue to be willing to trade for it rather than steal it. This "trade" for a useful natural substance is now global -- the Germans and Japanese, fresh from generations of Imperial thievery, are now deeply committed to trade and they are prime customers of Middle Eastern Oil--everyone is. But the Saudis really do not have a committment to trade. They are not building up a "market" economy, they are not diversifying, they are not educating people. They are trying to be successors to the Ottomans.

Take for example, the attitude toward women -- disenfranchise the "wife", indulge multiple "wives", then concubines, then entire villages of imprisoned women. This is not a great way to raise men. It is a terrible way to raise leaders. The Ottomans enjoyed dominance over brilliant people, with a well-equipped and disciplined army of janissaries, and yet they suffered one great and documented weakness: their Caliphs had no character. Without exception, the leaders of the Ottoman Empire were idiots. These are the people the descendents of Ibn Saud are trying to be

So is Bin Laden trying to destroy The West? Of course he is. He is remarkably candid about his plans, and has been repeating this intention like a devotional for most of his adult life. Does he, and a lot of other people poorer than he is, want to kill all Americans -- apparently even American Muslims? He certainly has done so, and still lives to boast of it.

He also wants to kill the House of Saud. To keep him quiet, the Saudis have long subsidized him and protected his operations. The Saudis are happy to see him belabor the Jews and the Christians -- on the theory that it Bin Laden's personal ambitions will run aground battling the West long before he has the opportunity to establish his own Caliphate at their expense in greater Arabia.

Now this is where "security" gets interesting. The Saudis were really counting on the West to take care of Bin Laden. They have got to be surprised that Bin Laden is still operating, in fact, has become far more popular IN ARABIA than the House of Saud. I think they did not realize that America has been taken over by Ottomans. People raised in cloistered compounds are incapable of "leadership". The Saudi royal family is actually very similar -- not just that they are friends -- to the Bush family.

When the Arabs and the Americans see that their leaders are incapable of leadership -- that these leaders do not define the word at all the same way -- I think it will stun them. Bin Laden knows that he is fighting people who are led by "leaders" who have no concept of Public Good. There is no such thing in their hearts. They only know personal acquisition. Government is simply a tool for acquisition. Mr. Cheney began with a small farm and then entered Public Service and is now one of the richest people in the world. He just defines "public service" differently than some of us. The House of Saud does not have a clue about "public service" either. These people breathe that same air, they "know" that it is all about what they can get for themselves.

And that is why we have less "homeland security" now than ever before. Because "security" is a collective condition. The American profiteers cannot winkle a profit by equipping enormous armies to fight a couple of young guys wearing back-pack nuclear weapons and still have "security". I am not suggesting that the profit option is what has lost this war. The profits made by the political factions are what make it expensive. What has made it an expensive LOSS is the fact that our leaders are incapable of making decisions that benefit "the public".

To most of us, "homeland security" is as simple as "public health". We think we can take care of ourselves, but we cannot help too many others, and especially if we are sick, injured or dead. The more of us that get sick, injured or dead, the less help any of us are going to be. So we live hoping someone or something does not hurt, sicken or kill too many of us.

Our "government" is something we support primarily because we think we need it for our "security". We look to our government as a means of getting information, pooling resources, preventing our environment from getting poisoned, protecting us from enemies "foreign and domestic" who would violate our persons, our property, and our rights.

Now it's personal, it always is, but for some of us, it is personal in a collegial way. Some of us do not think of Government, just right off, as a means of eliminating competition, getting the jump on suckers, and a way to benefit ourselves at the expense of others. We just do not think of Government in quite that way. This is because we are naive and have not "kept up" with the times.

Our "Government" -- and I mean every branch, and they are going after every Estate -- has been taken over by people who despise "public service". People who are doctrinally suspicious of Government are actually in power IN IT. They think that Government is "bad", not because People are Good, but because People are Bad, and ipso facto, "public service" is always illegitimate, taxes are theft, and they owe no public any service. This is who is now in power, using Government offices.

Homeland Security is a phrase with no meaning, but it was invented by people who have no concept of Public Service, and who are hostile to Government even when it is theirs. Thus, we are chickens in a coop with with guards but the guards are actually the foxes who take our eggs and children. We are sheep guarded by wolves.

Bin Laden dangerous? Of course. He has had the decency to declare war on everyone. He is clearly an idiot and he expresses his sociopathology. His adventures, subsidized by our allies, and by our leaders, have and will harm us. However, the worst he can try, will not be as destructive as has already been accomplished by our own house faction.

Recently we saw what our own house leadership has done for us in the Mississippi Delta. For many years, our scientists have documented the fact that our own engineering and use of the Delta has worn away the tideland barriers and the dikes that protected New Orleans from absolutely certain storm surge. Yet, for political reasons alone, restorative and preventative work that would have been done and could only be done at a Governmental level was not done. We had the money, we had the knowledge, we had the technology, we had the people. What we did not have was leadership. We are being led by Ottomans.

The Delta experience is instructive as to Homeland Security issues. Our "security" is so bad that not only did an enemy not even attack us, but we lost our use of the most productive, studied, and diversified river system in the world -- in the world -- for a period of months, with an impact over years, all because of completely natural and predicted Storm Surge, which arrived on schedule, with a month -- years really -- of warning. We lost fortunes, we lost lives, and we are still up to our neck in pollutants, diseases, and of course, blame.

Bin Laden did not succeed, because he did not destroy America. The Ottomans managed to snatch away our civil rights, our "choices", our religion, our travel time, our elections, our courts, our President, our congress, our free press, and now...all with very very little help from Bin Laden.

Curiously, with all the talk about "security", the Ottoman-Saudiis still subsidize Bin Laden. He is STILL receiving support and money. He and his family are richer now, than in September 11, 2001. Neither of the two Houses, of Saud and Bush, have any intention of capturing Osama. They have both repeatedly turned away from the opportunity. Neither the Saudis nor the American leadership, has made even a gesture of going after him. He lives.

With every passing day, from a Wahhabi point of view, the leadership of the West confirms its own evil. Everything evil comes from America and its minions (a prosaic phrase Osama has used -- translated from the Arabic). Osama not only lives, but he lives in confirmed rectitude.

Very few American leaders have "addressed" the Wahhabi point of view. Instead, the West has largely satisfied itself with exercising superior military weaponry. This gives the West an illusion of security. This veil can be torn away at any moment by military assaults which are taken at will against unarmed segments of our population by religious devotees. Their rectitude is confirmed by virtually every speech, every act, and every omission done by President Bush.

Has a single terrorist been convicted of a single crime as a result of the dramatically increased Police Powers? Are the Western banks which funnel money to the terrorists enlisted to help dry up the subsidy? Are the Wahhabi Saudis who aid terrorism asked to "rethink" their policy? Have the leaders of the Taliban -- the former government of Afghanistan -- been captured and tried for their crimes?

America is facing many threats. One of the simplest and most clear threats is the rise of religious ignorance in the Middle East, which is whipped into hatred directed against America by "Ottoman" wannabees who use it to hold onto their own power and control over oil. This is a military threat, but the weapon is not a gun, it is a plastic explosive triggered by religious ignorance.