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Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Per Scientiam ad Justitiam" ("through science to justice").

Do not forget.  The Nazi also confiscated the wealth of and attempted to destroy "homosexuals".  Without evidence, and slapping the face of science, the Nazi targeted largely unarmed creative and productive people, and seized their property.  The thugs funded their rise to power by stealing from hard-working but defenseless and law-abiding people.

Ironically, not only was Hitler part Jewish, but most of his cadre was remarkably repressed and sexually frustrated.  Hitler never married and his mistress was sexually unsatisfied.  Goering was an infamous cross-dresser and spent hours putting on his lipstick, foundation, and blush.  Himmler surrounded himself with homosexuals and was notoriously uncomfortable around healthy people with "normal" relationships.  The Nazi did persecute the gay population, but the fictional puffery of the Nazi is a pink swastika.

The brilliant scientist, Magnus Hirschfeld, was both gay and Jewish.  His career of scientific and empirical study was destroyed by the Nazi. Hans P. Soetaert & Donald W. McLeod, "Un Lion en hiver: Les Derniers jours de Magnus Hirschfeld à Nice (1934-1935)" in Gérard Koskovich (ed.).

Ironically, another "school" of thought developed in Germany which was offended by science and particularly by the "feminine" side of men.

The other faction was organized by Adolf Brand, publisher of the first homosexual magazine, Der Eigene (The Special). Brand, Benedict Friedlander and Wilhelm Janzen formed the Gemeinschaft der Eigenen (The Community of the Special) in 1902. What divided these groups was their concepts of masculinity. Ulrichs' theory embraced a feminine identity. His, and later Hirschfeld's, followers literally believed they were women trapped in men's bodies.
The followers of Brand, however, were deeply insulted by Ulrichs' theory. They perceived themselves not merely as masculine, but as a breed of men superior in masculine qualities even to heterosexuals. The Community of the Special (CS) asserted that male homosexuality was the foundation of all nation-states and that male homosexuals represented an elite strata of human society. The CS fashioned itself as a modern incarnation of the warrior cults of ancient Greece. Modeling themselves after the military heroes of Sparta, Thebes and Crete, the members of the CS were ultra-masculine, male-supremacist and pederastic (devoted to man/boy sex). Brand said in Der Eigene that he wanted men who "thirst for a revival of Greek times and Hellenic standards of beauty after centuries of Christian barbarism." 

One of the keys to understanding both the rise of Nazism and the later persecution of some homosexuals by the Nazis is found in this early history of the German "gay rights" movement. For it was the CS which created and shaped what would become the Nazi persona, and it was the loathing which these "Butches" held for effeminate homosexuals ("Femmes") which led to the internment of some of the latter in slave labor camps in the Third Reich

The point is that not only were the controlling Nazis driven by a sexuality they did not understand, but they were themselves perverted by their own unwillingness or inability to BE who they were.  How different the world could have been, had they been able to be gay.