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Monday, September 08, 2008

The Surge, The Army, & the Sons of Iraq

"The influx of 21,500 surge troops, combined with the cooperation of 90,000 Sons of Iraq, reduced the violence [sectarian war]significantly. But the tactics that have been employed have contributed little toward building a stable, unified Iraqi nation, according to Simon [author of "The Price of the Surge", published in Foreign Affairs May 2008]. Instead, the surge has inadvertently strengthened the three modern horsemen of Middle Eastern apocalypse: tribalism, warlordism, and sectarianism." Wilson Quarterly, "Unmasking the Surge" (Summer 2008].

The fourth horse, is galloping corruption. The bent refusal to accept facts and the thinking that every dollar is an open invitation to deception, distorts the media, the text of the Quoran, and the effort to implement any solution short of genocide. Killing everyone is now possible, and it is "final", but it has NEVER been a "solution", and is not now.