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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Bush Legacy - it's time to Account

The key to responsibility is accountability: Tell us what you did. Any Public Authority which refuses to disclose the actions it took in the name of the public, should be prosecuted; the act of withholding evidence or failing to disclose is a breach of the Public Office.

Will the Bush-Cheney-Rove cadre give a full account?

According to the economic reports coming in from the "Executive Departments" of the US government, ALL of which are headed by Bush Appointees, here is a partial report:

DEBT. From the record-breaking income and retention surpluses at the end of the Clinton Administration, we now have an unprecedented National Debt; it is so large, the Government economists have not been able to project it even within 100 billion dollars. Once the actual expenditures and contracts are included, the debt will be in the Trillions.

JOBS. At the end of the Clinton era, over 22 million jobs had been created. At the end of this Bush era, we find fewer than 5 million.

INCOMES. At the end of the Clinton era, family incomes increased by more than $7,500. At this point, the family incomes of families with an employed spouse (not including the newly-de-jobbed) have declined by more than $2500.

POVERTY. At the end of the Clinton era, almost 8 million Americans moved out of subsistence poverty. Today, more than 5.6 million Americans have moved INTO poverty. In an apparent effort to disguise this wholesale drop, the "poverty" standard was lowered and re-defined by the ideological appointees.

FOREIGN AFFAIRS. At the end of the Clinton era, Americans were personally admired and America was revered as an example. At the end of the Bush era, we find Americans are derided, and the Nation is not even feared as a world power.

I have taken the statistics cited above from this administration's numbers. The "account" remains incomplete, and unreliable, but is already DAMNING. Fellow citizens and Believers, this picture will only get worse as more numbers and more efforts to distort the numbers, are revealed.