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Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Quran is a relatively recent work; it has no archeological verification. Unconfirmed text.

Serious Question: What "translation" of what Quran are which Islamicists using? There are several hundred "schools" of Islam with dozens of Qurans. None of them date back to the century in which the Prophet Muhammad lived. Apparently the text was not considered very important to his peers....

If the Quran was written from oral dictation of the Angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad, was Gabriel speaking Arabic?  If it was re-transcribed by Aisha, Muhammad's child-wife, where was she educated and taught to write?  At that time, 600 AD, there was no written Arabic language. 

Perhaps it was written in Hebrew or Aramaic, two written languages used by Christians and Jews in the immediate vicinity, and which appear to be the direct sources of the earliest "versions" of what became the Quran. But the earliest versions of a written Quran are in classical Arabic. That language is as incomprehensible to modern Arab speakers as Olde English (think pre-Beowulf Anglo-Saxon) is to Americans.

The oldest versions of the Quran which have been found, under the ruins of a Manichaean Christian temple, upon which a Mosque was built, are very different from the current translations making the rounds in modern Arabic.