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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The GOP is a terrorist organization. Example: Benghazi

BANGHAZI fall-out.  We need an investigation of the role being played by the GOP terrorists  in the middle east. 

1.  INVIDIOUS VIDEO.  A covert "video" is planted on the Internet.  It is clearly cobbled together from a film shot previously -- the lead female confirms that it was shot years ago, and to her knowledge did not contain the truly invidious portions it now has.  The invidious portion is of recent insertion.  The insertion is clearly DESIGNED to cause "trouble" in the middle east. We all know what happened years ago when a Dutch newspaper printed a picture of Mohammad.

2.  VIDEO PRODUCER.  The producer of the film lives in San Diego, near Romney's La Jolla home.  He is in "hiding" -- compounding the mystery of what he was intending when he added invidious material to a film, on the eve of the US Election, and knowing of the instabilities in the Arab communities. While we know almost nothing about this producer, he is connected to the Right Wing.  The film was initially a story involving Jesus and Mary.  Initial reports, curiously, indicated a connection to Israel or Palestine, and Egyptian Copts.  Those connections may have been discredited. 

3.  ARAB REACTION.  Various Arab communities react to the film.  The invidious film is distributed, and sure enough a somewhat oddly coordinated outbreak of anti-American mobs appear in various key locations in the Arab world.  Virtually none in the greater Islamic community at that time.  The curiously selective "mobs" do not take "hostages" or kill any ambassadors. It appears to be Arab astro-turf -- not an authentically spontaneous street reaction.

4.  GOP BUSH II/ROMNEY TEAM.  Romney has already in place a team of Reagan/Bush II "advisors" and highly-paid consultants.  These are the SAME men who were learning the ropes during their mentors work with Reagan during the 1981 Hostage Crisis in Iran.  Let's be clear, this is the Oliver North perjury and arms-for-hostages collaboration with the Ayatollah team.  Although Lee Atwater is dead, the rest of his trickster trainees are still alive and working for Romney/GOP.  The highest-paid political consultants in the world are Norquist, Rove, and Reed.  For reasons of his own, Romney has hired the neo-conservatives (NOT the good old Eisenhower free market conservatives) of the Bush II era as his "advisors".

5.  ROMNEY's VIDEO PROMISES.   We discover -- play it again -- that in his 47% video, Romney expressly talks about getting another "crisis" in the middle east that he can exploit.  He thanks a man who speaks with a foreign accent for the suggestion.  Romney assures the group that if a foreign crisis erupts,  "I will take advantage of it" -- politically.  Romney expressly promises to politicize the next crisis.   This video was made BEFORE the San Diego video was distributed by the still-unknown producer.

6.  LIBYA.  There were disturbances in Libya, but apparently the Ambassador was not alarmed in any way.  He indicated before his death that the Libyans around him had responded with great support.  Ambassador Chris Stevens was a very experienced man, fluent in Arabic.  He did not ask for additional security.  He did not see what was coming -- because it did not come from Libya.


BENGHAZI.  The State Department sets up a brand new cultural facility in Libya.  Few, especially in Libya, even knew its location because it had not yet opened.  The GOP Congressional oversight committees, of course, knew its exact location in Benghazi. The concept of an Arabic/Libyan "cultural center" had outraged the GOP members of the committees.  The funding had been in place over four months ago.  The GOP was holding the purse strings, and they slashed the State Department's budget request.  When the slashing failed to end the Benghazi effort (owing to the energy of the Ambassador and the resourceful staff), the GOP committees were outraged.

8. ATTACK.  Late on the night of September 11, 2012, our Ambassador, was murdered, along with at least four others.  He was attacked at night  on the same day he had traveled to Benghazi.  The attackers were a heavily armed mobile strike force of non-Libyan Arabs. 

9. PRESIDENT'S REPORT.  Early the next morning, Our President met reporters in the Rose Garden and announced the sad news to America.  The details of the attack were still unknown by the professionals in the area -- our main assets had been murdered. 

When the FBI arrives as ordered by President Obama on the same day that the murders took place, they confirm that the outpost is remarkably secured by a large ill-equipped crowd of Libyans who are remarkably and ferociously devoted to America.  Tens of thousands of Libyans were in the streets showing and shared our grief for the fallen. 

10.  US GOP CONGRESS.  The GOP-controlled Congress (Congressman Graham and Boehner) immediately funds Congressman Issa to send an interrogation team to Libya.  This GOP investigation is not to find the murderers, but to generate charges against Our Administration.  While over there, the Issa team "outs" the undercover CIA network already in place, and permanently ruins its connections, almost certainly endangering lives.