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Did Socrates say "Know Thyself", or was he misunderstood, as all are. Show Thyself is all we can do. The knowing is unknowable.  

I am filled with joy.  It can't be helped.  

Became a Farmer, Builder, Musician, Tank Commander, Librarian, Lawyer and Minister. I have failed at many things. And now retired.  Filled, just filled, with Joy. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The crab sitting on the horse

The interconnectedness of things is underlined by the living. The spinal chord is but the tail of the shelled crab of the brain which sits atop the great horse of the body. What was once the gill of the floating fish is now the voice-box, pulsing the laryngeal linguistics of gloating expression. It was the trees that taught the brachiating primate the advantages of an opposed thumb. And the elegant earthworm continues to crawl over all the bones of the world.