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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saccharomyces - the savior of civilization

The "personalities" who subordinate us in fact play a very small part in the life of the Planet. Still, it seems curious how few of the "Chief Executives", the CEOs who take for themselves hundreds of millions of dollars in "earnings" and "salaries", have provided solutions to problems. Precious few of those who assert "leadership" over us have led us. None provide succor or salvation. Our "leaders" -- whether in Africa or in America -- seem hell-bent on stealing, seizing power, but have completely neglected the opportunity their power gives them to Solve Problems.

We need protection from "our enemies". So often, the worst predators are the same "Chief Executives" and "Presidents" who run our companies and countries -- into the ground.

For example, let's look at our political sphere -- and the two men who claim to be the leaders of the most people on the Planet. The claims, of course, are absurd, but look at what they are claiming:

Osama Bin Laden claims to be the Caliph of the most pure and correct Religion. And he seeks war in its name. Is peace a "problem"? Has peace created a difficulty which needs his war to solve? He wallows in the "fragrance" of blood sacrifice, although looking at his longevity, it is clearly not his own bleeding that seems to fill him with joy. In the name of Islam, all means are justified, including criminal ones. And by criminalizing Islam, he has destroyed it. Few "believers" make it through the exposure to fraudulent "lending industries", blood diamonds, and opium harvests with any sense of righteousness intact. Still, Bin Laden is the most popular leader in the Islamic world. In fact, there are NO others revered as he is.

If one simply reads or listens to George Bush, it is just as clear that he also seeks war. His "solution" to every thing is to send America to war. He has caused and presided over the disintegration of civilization and the quality of life on the Planet. There is hardly a Constitutional principle -- free elections, informed citizens, a free market, a just legal system, a strong defense -- which he has not destroyed. Bush has certainly cost much more than Osama Bin Laden, billions of dollars simply going directly to the bank accounts of his appointees and minions.

The only conclusion we can make, we are forced to make, is that the two self-appointed leaders looked to by the People to make us safe, have in fact created the very situations which make us unsafe. War, perpetual war.

So we have "leaders" who do not solve problems, but are themselves the problem. The costs and burdens of this type of "leader" who prey upon the Umma, and upon the fears and gullibilities of citizens, are enormous. Ironically both Bush and Bin Laden claim to be even more than mere "leaders", they claim to be our Commanders, and even our Saviors. They have both achieved the exact opposite of their claims. They have solved no problem but they have each increased our burdens ten-fold. Their actions have significantly delayed liberation and development, and fill us all with fear.

Last October 2007, UCI professor and co-founder of CODA Genomics G. Wesley Hatfield announced that a strain of yeast which now makes beer, wine and bread for us, has been put to production of bio-fuels. A new version of Saccharomyces, long devoted to processing glucose, is now working on ethanol, with other fuels and medical pharmaceuticals not far behind.

We have Yeast which is offering more succor to mankind than Bush or Bin Laden put together.

We need fuel. We need allies, not tyrants. Let the Pope canonize this lovely yeast. Pay no attention to the drums of hatred and exclusion. There is no "us" and "them". The scientists who are actually solving problems are our leaders. Instead of destroying the world, they have introduced the gifts offered by this world to us.