Thursday, July 10, 2014

Israel and Zion; Islam and War

I have never understood how so many people want to form opinions about Israel without having read any of the Zionist Founders.  "Palestine" and its inhabitants at the time, were well-considered with all other possible alternatives for a place for Jews to go who were fleeing from persecution.

Herzl to this day is one of the best thinkers and objective journalists who ever lived.  He was the German reporter who first came to fame for his articles on the "Trial of the Century", when the French condemned an innocent man to life imprisonment. As another great writer, "J'accuse!" Zola, also pointed out, the only "evidence" against Alfred Dreyfus was that he was a Jew. For that he was condemned.  

This is the same kind of "trial" Israel is experiencing today.   Israel is condemned by people who hate Jews.  

More Jewish (and Christian, Druze, etc) property has been confiscated by Islamic Arabs than there is property in all of "Palestine".  The tyrant state of "Saudi Arabia", and the old "King of Jordan" have each killed more Arabs in single years of peace than all of the Arabs killed by Israel in war. 

For those interested in Justice, read Herzl.  And listen carefully to what the Wahabis and Ayatollahs are saying. They intend to kill Jews. The signs in the mosques say "Death to Jews" with lots of repetition.  If all the Jews are killed, do you think the killing will stop?  Who is next?

Sadly, there is great unrest today throughout the regions on the map in green.  Millions of Jews, Christians, and other "nonbelievers" have been purged from all of those areas.   For the prayers of the oppressed in those areas, and for the gullible outside those areas, this war on Jews is a historical distraction. 

Islam must be destroyed, from the inside.  That is literally what is happening today. What looks like Arabs fighting against each other everywhere, and Islamic revolutionaries everywhere pressing against the Serbs, and Sudanese, and Polisario people, among others, is going to end up transforming Islam.  It cannot bear up to competition or exposure. 

And Arabs, at the core, clinging to Wahabi "purity" will rise above that un-natural concept.  Arabs who become aware of their great history and unique opportunities today, will no longer be held back by concerns about "humiliation".  The Arab world will flower. And they will be the first to teach us to stop destroying others, because they themselves have seen the self-defeating effects of demonizing and attacking the perceived "others".

Devils and Details

The devil that is in details is not invited, but is almost always created by them.

One tries to do something. The very act creates consequences  One balks at doing anything.  Everything reels in the vacuum, the omission creates.

But what is really happening?  Why is this so?

And if the devil resides in the details, where are the damn angels?

Most people working with intention -- trying to live examined lives, looking for opportunities to help -- come to realize that this play of consequences is always complex.  We rarely compass what we are doing.   Nothing is ever "accomplished" or completed, but it falls apart or entropy savages the working parts. Action is what you "try" to do.  And you cannot just sit there either, just "being".  Because you have no idea where you came from, and you'll get hungry and sleepy.  You'll just be "trying" to Be, and you might as well "try" to do something with it.

Perhaps we should get to know our devils. One reason science has been such a powerful tool is that it is not content with the abstractions of the process, but lays out the steps. By measuring intervals, weights, and dimensions, and by identifying the constituent parts, we are able to control the demons.  Although the devil is still living in the complexity, the scoundrel can be analyzed--pulling apart his parts and appearances.

And notice the relationship between the "abstract" devil, and the details we think of as the perceived reality?  There is this play between what is not real and what is real, where the real things create a piffer in the mind, and next thing you know, your mind is now distracted.  And the distracting unreal thing held in your mind  becomes more real than the things you are holding in your hands.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Quran is a relatively recent work; it has no archeological verification. Unconfirmed text.

Serious Question: What "translation" of what Quran are which Islamicists using? There are several hundred "schools" of Islam with dozens of Qurans. None of them date back to the century in which the Prophet Muhammad lived. Apparently the text was not considered very important to his peers....

If the Quran was written from oral dictation of the Angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad, was Gabriel speaking Arabic?  If it was re-transcribed by Aisha, Muhammad's child-wife, where was she educated and taught to write?  At that time, 600 AD, there was no written Arabic language. 

Perhaps it was written in Hebrew or Aramaic, two written languages used by Christians and Jews in the immediate vicinity, and which appear to be the direct sources of the earliest "versions" of what became the Quran. But the earliest versions of a written Quran are in classical Arabic. That language is as incomprehensible to modern Arab speakers as Olde English (think pre-Beowulf Anglo-Saxon) is to Americans.

The oldest versions of the Quran which have been found, under the ruins of a Manichaean Christian temple, upon which a Mosque was built, are very different from the current translations making the rounds in modern Arabic.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The "experience" of listening seems to enhance what we see.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Why are some people starving to death? [First Step: Identify the Problem]

My father was a saint.  No exaggeration.  He was born to small-town Texan wealth, and was stationed in California during WWII military service.  He met my mother, who was a 3d generation Californian on the White side.  She was a brilliant singer and scholar.  Together they took to the mission field.  They traversed Latin America -- almost always in harm's way -- looking for the poor, hungry, sick, and vulnerable.

We would often spend a few days with the wealthy Patrons of the great plantations or the owners of the great mountain mines of the Andes.  These prosperous landowners often gave us shelter in their enormous homes, and let us sleep on beds with silk sheets or high thread count cotton. I played in their private zoos and rode their polo ponies.

Then a few nights later we would be down river, happy to find another friendly welcome, perhaps this time from a family of campesinos.  One time we were guests in a home where the lady of the house served us chicha, one glass at a time, served on a single small beautiful carved tray.  We all shared the one glass, the only tableware in her house.  Sometimes we were grateful to sleep with our mosquito nets spread on the pounded straw strewn over the dirt under a thatch roof with no walls.

My parents built a house on a high bank overlooking a blue lake in the middle of the green jungle.  Within days, people came to live near us.  A village grew around us.  One of the villagers was a strong serious woman. Carmen became a close friend of my mother and we all loved her.  But one month, when my parents were away, Carmen died of anemia -- a lack of iron in her poor diet.  Her death stunned me.  

I knew my Dad had arranged for orchards and chicken yards and cattle drives into the area.  I grew up with bananas, papayas, palm nuts, and mangoes falling from trees.  My mother had designed and built a huge chicken yard, and set dozens of hens.  And yet people coming to live around us had been starving.  I asked my Dad, "Why are there so many people dying of hunger?"    

He said "They just don't know any better". 

"What?" I said. "Is there no one who can teach these poor people about planting orchards and raising chickens?" 

"Oh", my Dad explained. "It's not the poor that are ignorant.  The poor know exactly how to plant and raise food.  It's the rich that are the ignorant ones."

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The GOP is a terrorist organization. Example: Benghazi

BANGHAZI fall-out.  We need an investigation of the role being played by the GOP terrorists  in the middle east. 

1.  INVIDIOUS VIDEO.  A covert "video" is planted on the Internet.  It is clearly cobbled together from a film shot previously -- the lead female confirms that it was shot years ago, and to her knowledge did not contain the truly invidious portions it now has.  The invidious portion is of recent insertion.  The insertion is clearly DESIGNED to cause "trouble" in the middle east. We all know what happened years ago when a Dutch newspaper printed a picture of Mohammad.

2.  VIDEO PRODUCER.  The producer of the film lives in San Diego, near Romney's La Jolla home.  He is in "hiding" -- compounding the mystery of what he was intending when he added invidious material to a film, on the eve of the US Election, and knowing of the instabilities in the Arab communities. While we know almost nothing about this producer, he is connected to the Right Wing.  The film was initially a story involving Jesus and Mary.  Initial reports, curiously, indicated a connection to Israel or Palestine, and Egyptian Copts.  Those connections may have been discredited. 

3.  ARAB REACTION.  Various Arab communities react to the film.  The invidious film is distributed, and sure enough a somewhat oddly coordinated outbreak of anti-American mobs appear in various key locations in the Arab world.  Virtually none in the greater Islamic community at that time.  The curiously selective "mobs" do not take "hostages" or kill any ambassadors. It appears to be Arab astro-turf -- not an authentically spontaneous street reaction.

4.  GOP BUSH II/ROMNEY TEAM.  Romney has already in place a team of Reagan/Bush II "advisors" and highly-paid consultants.  These are the SAME men who were learning the ropes during their mentors work with Reagan during the 1981 Hostage Crisis in Iran.  Let's be clear, this is the Oliver North perjury and arms-for-hostages collaboration with the Ayatollah team.  Although Lee Atwater is dead, the rest of his trickster trainees are still alive and working for Romney/GOP.  The highest-paid political consultants in the world are Norquist, Rove, and Reed.  For reasons of his own, Romney has hired the neo-conservatives (NOT the good old Eisenhower free market conservatives) of the Bush II era as his "advisors".

5.  ROMNEY's VIDEO PROMISES.   We discover -- play it again -- that in his 47% video, Romney expressly talks about getting another "crisis" in the middle east that he can exploit.  He thanks a man who speaks with a foreign accent for the suggestion.  Romney assures the group that if a foreign crisis erupts,  "I will take advantage of it" -- politically.  Romney expressly promises to politicize the next crisis.   This video was made BEFORE the San Diego video was distributed by the still-unknown producer.

6.  LIBYA.  There were disturbances in Libya, but apparently the Ambassador was not alarmed in any way.  He indicated before his death that the Libyans around him had responded with great support.  Ambassador Chris Stevens was a very experienced man, fluent in Arabic.  He did not ask for additional security.  He did not see what was coming -- because it did not come from Libya.


BENGHAZI.  The State Department sets up a brand new cultural facility in Libya.  Few, especially in Libya, even knew its location because it had not yet opened.  The GOP Congressional oversight committees, of course, knew its exact location in Benghazi. The concept of an Arabic/Libyan "cultural center" had outraged the GOP members of the committees.  The funding had been in place over four months ago.  The GOP was holding the purse strings, and they slashed the State Department's budget request.  When the slashing failed to end the Benghazi effort (owing to the energy of the Ambassador and the resourceful staff), the GOP committees were outraged.

8. ATTACK.  Late on the night of September 11, 2012, our Ambassador, was murdered, along with at least four others.  He was attacked at night  on the same day he had traveled to Benghazi.  The attackers were a heavily armed mobile strike force of non-Libyan Arabs. 

9. PRESIDENT'S REPORT.  Early the next morning, Our President met reporters in the Rose Garden and announced the sad news to America.  The details of the attack were still unknown by the professionals in the area -- our main assets had been murdered. 

When the FBI arrives as ordered by President Obama on the same day that the murders took place, they confirm that the outpost is remarkably secured by a large ill-equipped crowd of Libyans who are remarkably and ferociously devoted to America.  Tens of thousands of Libyans were in the streets showing and shared our grief for the fallen. 

10.  US GOP CONGRESS.  The GOP-controlled Congress (Congressman Graham and Boehner) immediately funds Congressman Issa to send an interrogation team to Libya.  This GOP investigation is not to find the murderers, but to generate charges against Our Administration.  While over there, the Issa team "outs" the undercover CIA network already in place, and permanently ruins its connections, almost certainly endangering lives.



Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tumors and Boils - the "investment bankers"

Tumors and boils.  {no pictures please!}

The society is a body.  Many cells and tissues “organized” together to compose a greater form of life.  Sometimes a portion of it becomes malignant, or is exposed to invasion.  The body must deal with that compromise of its life. 

The body has stood as metaphor to society for as long as any language has been spoken.  We cross-reference the body and society using the same words.  Both “bodies” share anatomy and physiology – ingesting, digesting, processing, cleansing, growing, dying.  The insults and afflictions, and the salutory or healing processes, can be viewed in parallel. 

The bones and arteries constitute the infrastructure. The nerves mirror the electrical grid.  The hormonal communication reflects the mood of the people in a community.  And of course, food and death, are not even metaphoric.

Most bodies die of inflammation and / or shock.  The same is true of the polity.  The Roman medical encyclopedist Celsus (ca 30 BC–38 AD) described the four cardinal signs of acute inflammation as tumor, dolor, calor, and rubor (swelling, pain, increased heat, and redness).

The blood is to the body as money is to society.  Unimpeded access and distribution of nutrients depends on a sufficient quantity, and a carrying capacity or value, of money.  Unregulated capitalism is like a tumor.  Withheld wealth is like a boil.

A tumor is a swelling in the body.  It may be caused by an overgrowth of neoplastic cells which hoard the blood supply.  Or like a sebaceous cyst it may be hoarding pus or refuse.  In both cases, the swelling is an impedence to the life of the body, and instead of contributing is now simply subtracting the vitality of the organ or organism. 

It is the blood that transports nutrients to the cells.  The vitality of the cell depends upon its access to those nutrients, and the plasmatic exchange.  In society, each individual depends on trade, and the people flourish when there is unimpeded and regular flow of goods and services.  If trade is monopolized, blocked, restricted or over-specialized, society may suffer.  In fact, the marginalization of even one person in a society, or the die-off of a single cell in the body, is a flag of caution.  If a poison kills cells in a living tissue, they can become necrotic and kill the entire organism.  If a man starves in a society, it is a danger sign to everyone in every way, a signal that the vitality of society is in danger. 

A certain number of assaults and insults to the body are expected and natural.  Every society confronts a certain number of stresses and adjustments which must constantly be made.  However, attention must be paid to the threshholds and trends.  For example, if the blood is weak, if nutrients are not going to the cells, or if tumors begin hoarding the nutrients, then the whole body suffers and weakens.  The body must protect itself from threats to its vitality, and must monitor the “growth” of tumor and boils which accumulate poison and compete for the body’s vitality.

A Society which has been attacked by predators from within is like a body which is covered with tumors and boils.    I do not use the term “capitalist” to describe someone who hoards capital – in a sense, such a person is an “anti-capitalist”.  A hoarder is not using the capital – they do not reinvest, they do not add to the growth of the organism.  They often use Debt – and they draw the nutrients out of the blood to “build” their own organism within the organism, a tumor.

A person’s body can be covered with boils inside and on the skin – accumulations of pus, or fatty sebaceous cysts.  A tumor can begin to form in any organ, and its growth can compete with the body, and its independent amalgamation of resources can destroy the integrity of the body.  Even the leakage of the fluids of a benign tumor in the body can be catastrophic, and the unrestricted growth of a malignancy can kill the body. 

When the nutrients or the blood are captured on one place, an unnatural swelling occurs.  There may also be increased pain, heat, and redness.  This “tumor, dolor, calor, and rubor” are flags of inflammation.  The healthy body will respond, or a physician will address, such signs of distress.

We have a society which is under assault.  For example, some of the most primitive tribal people on the planet have been chanting “Death to America!” for decades in groups assembled to pray for our extinction.  They teach youngsters they will go to Heaven as saviours if they die as martyrs.  After a night of drinking alcohol in topless bars, a group of pious young men from Saudi Arabia hi-jacked airliners and flew them into large buildings in 2001.  The killing of an international group of civilians, including people from all over the world, is still celebrated by many of the most primitive tribal people on the planet.

However, that assault did not cripple society.  In some ways, it made the true “society” stronger, closer, larger, and more vital.  New York became recognized as a truly international place.  All over the world, other societies declared their solidarity, and coordinated with America. 

However, the interior of America has not fared as well.  Cysts and tumors have formed.  The blood is restricted and monopolized, and wealth is being hoarded.  In the ten years since 2001, America lost its middle class, and lost its ability to circulate wealth.  By 2007, all of the Big Banks in America had become “investment bankers” dealing in investments with no known market value – “toxic” products.  All of the Big Banks were heavily leveraged in financial products which had been revived from the 1920's.  In the decade run-up to the 1929 Crash, the Congress de-regulated the banking industry and removed consumer protection which had been in place since the Progressive era. 

The free market cannot function without information, which is the hinge which enables “choice” to perform.  A market without money or valuable products is negligible.  A market without information is blind, and the “decisions” made by uninformed consumers are arbitrary.  There may be “growth”, there may be enormous volumes, but it would be like a tumor growing bigger than the body it inhabits.  This is what we saw, what we experienced in 2006-2007, when banks began dealing in huge volumes of toxic waste while claiming they were creating “investments”.

In the decade run-up to the summer of 2008, the Congress de-regulated the banking industry and removed disclosure requirements and accounting standards in the financial industry.  Banking guidelines which had been in effect since the 1930's were disregarded.  All of the largest banks in the United States became “investment” bankers, and then traded in worthless investments – forms of paper the value of which could not be calculated with any certainty.

In the summer of 2008, all of the largest banks in the United States, and their insurers, announced that they were unable to pay obligations which they had entered into.  None of the largest financial institutions could make any loans, and all of trade and all transactions depend upon credit and money.  All levels of government, and all private enterprises, depend on the circulation of money in the same way that every cell depends upon blood circulation.  The large “investment” banks destroyed themselves from the inside – they were not destroyed by the government, by any regulation or by any edict.  Their own CEOs captured them, destroyed them, and then they confronted the government with the collapse of the world, and extorted a bail-out using taxpayer funds.  Curiously, the bail-out funds had to be borrowed, from other banks. 

After receiving the bailout funds, the Large Banks did not loan money.  They suddenly made loans extremely difficult to obtain by consumers or small businesses.  The banks hoarded the capital which they had obtained from taxpayers.  Instead of making loans with the capital, they “used” the capital to buy smaller banks at fire sale prices.  The Big Banks became bigger, at the expense of the taxpayers. 

A tumor can grow and spread by drawing nutrients out of the blood stream, and independent of the functions of the other organs – contributing nothing to the body, but drawing out its vitality.  A boil is a concentration of pus or sebaceous tissue, which often interferes with bodily function and vitality, even if it is not growing or spreading.    The Large Banks of the United States functioned as tumors.  They concentrated capital in larger, and less interactive banking institutions which cut themselves off from trade, small business, or consumer credit.  They bought smaller banks, creating larger boils.  

As a society, we can treat the tumors and boils.  We can stop giving them money, and cut off the blood supply to the tumors.  And we can lance the boils, breaking them up and surgically removing them with a scalpel of anti-trust anti-monopolist free market purging.